So what is a LIGHTBOX?

So back in the day, before megapixels, dslr’s and mirrorless, there was a thing called film.
Incredibly, the camera “saved” images on a roll of light sensitive film. And after only 24 or 36 shots, the roll was full!

To make things even easier and save on processing time for the photographer, the presets were already baked in depending on the film you used. Pretty snazzy hey, anyway… Once processed, the transparencies were placed on box containing fluorescent tubes covered by a layer of perspex, a lightbox, to view the slides and film negatives. These days stock photography websites used the term to house a collection of photos. Hmm, do you see why a LIGHTBOX website is awesome.


LIGHTBOX  websites for photographers, creative types, foodies, pottery studios, pool cleaners, solar installers, bike shops, (you get the picture) to have a place on the interwebs.

Cost effective, incredibly beautiful and highly functional.

Get your business online from as little as R50 a month.

Get a beautifully designed website up and running as fast as you can add your content.

And adding your content is incredibly easy – even my mother in-law can do it :-).  Simply copy and paste the text into the correct areas, upload your images in an easy to understand interface and click save.

Done, time for a G&T!

Indeed, all you need to do is step into the spotlight, daaahling! Choose from 3 different home page options, one theme even includes a video masthead. On the fullscreen home pages you can alter the colour of the menu and the headline over your fullscreen background image. We have even thrown in an option to place a colour overlay over the image to add that extra something, something. Start a blog, add multiple portfolios each with their own description and display the images in a fullscreen lightbox. with your new LIGHTBOX  the interwebs are your oyster. Add your services, some background about you and your contact info so you can gather stalkers, oops, followers on social media.

A website must work across all devices from smartphones to desktops – Google calls it responsive design, we call it built in and ready to go.

Your website will display like a BOSS on all devices.

You have full control over the SEO for your website. Add a feature keyword or phrase, the SEO title, and description for each page and blog post. And “poof”  just like that you are ahead of most of your competition who have no idea what they are missing.

Search Engine Optimisation. It means Google can find you, and he will tell everyone else who is looking for you. Even the cops.

Nieu Bethesda, Groot Marico, Darling 🙂
We are proudly South African and we decided it would be awesome to celebrate the amazing little towns we have in South Africa. It feels good to celebrate our country and the things that make us who we are.

Yebo-yes! LIGHTBOX Photographer websites are made in South Africa.

They are made (with love) for photographers*  by a team of super creative designers and photographers.

* And other creative types, and foodies, and pottery studios, and pool cleaners, and solar installers, and bike shops – ag, you get the picture. We love everyone, even you.

Whether you need a website for your pottery studio, your artisinal bread company or to showcase your professional photography portfolio, LIGHTBOX  has a solution for you.

We designed LIGHTBOX  websites for photographers, designers, painters, and any artist you can think of.

As designers, photographers and lovers of creative stuff ourselves, we understand that you need a website that is beautifully designed, showcases your work perfectly and is super easy to use.

But wait, if you are not a “creative”, can you still make use of a beautifully designed, super easy to use website?

The answer is absolutely, yes!

Create a blog for your snail farm, upload images of the furniture you work so hard to restore. You can even put up your massive collection of crochet toilet roll holders.

We certainly won’t judge 🙂

Frequently asked Questions

{ Because FAQ sounds a little rude… }

Annual plans come with a free domain registration. You can also register and add .com, .net, .org and more. Quotes on request.

A custom domain, like, is a great way to get found online and promote your brand. Replace your free LIGHTBOX URL ( with a custom domain you purchased through Lightbox, or one you already own.

Once you have your own domain, you also get a custom email address using your domain, like

You can also register with Google workspace and get 30 GB cloud storage per user, Google Drive, Meet, Calendar, Chat, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.

If you select the BEST option, we are on hand to sprinkle some custom magic to the value of R500 on your website. We can customise the fonts and the layout to make your website stand out from the crowd. 

Absolutely, we can sprinkle some custom magic on your website to help it stand out from the crowd.  Please email us with your requirements and we will provide a quote for you.