Website templates named after small towns in South Africa

Prince Albert, Darling, Bathurst and Groot Marico. As well as being amazing little towns in South Africa, they are also themes for LIGHTBOX websites for creative people.
LIGHTBOX | websites for creative people

Call me sentimental, but I love the character and charm of the little towns we have dotted all round South Africa.

Yebo-yes! LIGHTBOX websites for creative people are unashamedly Proudly South African. They are made (with love) for photographers, designers, artists and anyone else looking for a great website  by a team of super creative designers and photographers.

Each LIGHTBOX template we create is named after a small town our team have visited and loved. We cannot wait to visit more of our amazing country and create more fantastic templates so that creative people like you can Show your work, get booked, repeat.

We hope that you agree that Website templates named after small towns in South Africa is cool 🙂

Super easy to use

Get a beautifully designed website up and running as fast as you can add your content.

And adding your content is incredibly easy – even my mother in-law can do it :-). Simply copy and paste the text into the correct areas, upload your images in an easy to understand interface and click save.

Done, time for a G&T!

Responsive Design

A website must work across all devices from smartphones to desktops – Google calls it responsive design, we call it built in and ready to go. Your website will display like a BOSS on all devices.


Check out the templates for the  LIGHTBOX websites for creative people and let us know what you think.

Have an awesome day!